Meditation of the day



LUKE 10:38-42

Jesus made a visit to Mary and Martha. Mary sad at the Lord’s feet and listened to him spoke. Martha complained to the Lord to release Mary so that she could assist her with serving. Jesus rejected saying that Mary chose the better part which would not be taken from her.

Dear brothers and sisters, what is this better part that Mary chose? She chose to listen to the Lord. That is the better part. Jesus invites us to choose this better part today; that we should listen to him.

Dear brethren do we really have listening ears, when someone is advising us? Do we have listening ears when others come to complain or share their troubles or sorrows to us? Listening is indeed relieving. We need to practice it seriously. Very importantly, we need to listen to the Lord, even when we have nothing to tell him. We do miss our fortunes in life just because we lack listening ears. Sometimes we go to church with the intention to listen to the message of the day, but we spend all time manipulating our phones; giving deaf ears to the Lord’s message. One who doesn’t listen to the Lord, will never do the His will and consequently lose being his family member, since His “mother and brothers and sisters are those who hear the word of God and act on it.” May God give us listening ears now and forever; Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom




LUKE 17:26-37

In today’s gospel passage, Jesus describes how it shall be on the last day. He compares that day with the days of Noah; on the days of Noah, he was busy building the ark that saved him, while People were eating and drinking, marrying and the flood came and destroyed them all. Jesus goes on again to compare the last day with the days of Lot in Sodom, where people were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting building while Lot was busy trying to save his life and that of his family, fire came and destroyed the whole town.

Dear brothers and sisters, in all, Jesus wants us to be alert and ready at all times; for there shall be no announcement for us to prepare when the times comes. On that day, many of us shall not be saved just because we mind about things that do not matter at all. We care about that which has nothing to do with our spiritual uplifting. What do we care so much about in life, that we find ourselves being occupied by it? Is it drinking? Is it eating? Is it building? Is it marrying? Is it planting? Is it clubbing? All these are not bad? They will only satisfy our flesh (body) and the soul is being starved. What a pity?

A priest once asked in his sermon; “what will you do if today were to be the last day?” He kept quiet for a while and assuming that his listeners may have answered the question in their hearts, he said, “start doing the thing right now” may we also start right now to do what we would do if today were to be the last day. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom


13TH NUMBER 2019


LUKE 17:11-19

In the gospel passage today, ten lepers requested Jesus to have mercy on them. Jesus, asked them to go and show themselves to the priest while on their way, they got cleansed.

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus wants us to understand that there is nothing that is above him to do for us. He heals, He provides, He guides, He leads. All we need to do, like that lepers, is to present our problems to him. What is your own leprosy? What is my own leprosy? Is it sickness? Is it misunderstanding in the society? Is it lack of employment? Is it poverty? Is it peace of mind? Like the lepers, let us approach Jesus Christ in with confidence “Jesus master! Happy pity on us/me” let us believe with all our hearts that He will hear and answer our prayer requests like he answered the lepers. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom




LUKE 14:25-33

In the gospel passage today, Jesus Christ told the crowd that “anyone who comes to me without hating father, mother, wife, children, brother, sister and his own life too, cannot be my decision.”

Dear brothers and sisters, being a disciple of Jesus embodies a lot of challenges. We encounter a lot of challenges and distractions. If Jesus in the gospel passage talks of hating father, mother, brother, sister, wife, and our very selves, He simply wants us to be aware of distractions that may come our way as we struggle to follow Jesus. Our parents, wives, brothers and sisters and our very selves should not be obstacles. We must be ready to let go all form of distractions. We must be ready to detach ourselves completely from all that can hinder us from being true disciples. It may be painful, yes, that is why Jesus say as the passage progresses that no one who does not carry his cross and come after Him can be His disciple.

Dear brothers and sisters are we ready to be His disciples? If yes, then let us cut off from all that is a barrier to our full acceptance of the discipleship of Jesus Christ. May God be our help now and forever. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom




LUKE 14:15-24

Yesterday in our gospel passage, Jesus admonished us to always invite the underprivileged whenever we are feasting. Today He presents a story of someone who invited all types of dignitaries but each of them gave an excuse on the feast day itself. They disappointed him and he sent out his servants to go to the streets and bring in the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind etc. His hall was full and he feasted with them.

Dear brothers and sisters which type of people do you invite to attend our celebrations? Surely your classmates, colleagues, rich persons etc. What is our reason of inviting such people? Because they too will invite us to attend theirs, surely. Jesus rejects it in our gospel of yesterday and today.

Dear brothers and sisters, the great feast organized by the Prince of Peace; Jesus, awaits us in Heaven. Jesus has invits us all. He does not only invite his family members or villages or tribe’s men. He does not only invite the righteous. He invites us; the poor in spirit, humble of hearts, sinners, the oppressed etc. Are we going to honour the invitation? What is our response to the invitation? Let us pray that God should lead us to answer favourable to the calling. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom




LUKE 14:12-14

Then he said to his host, ‘When you give a lunch or a dinner, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relations or rich neighbours, in case they invite you back and so repay you.
No; when you have a party, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind;
then you will be blessed, for they have no means to repay you and so you will be repaid when the upright rise again.’

Dear brothers and sisters, sometimes in life, we have the tendencies of relating and doing good only to those who can pay us back. Jesus in today’s gospel rejects such attitude; proposes that we should always invite, when we have a feast or party, those who cannot pay us back; the poor, the lame, crippled, the blind; in that case, God pays us on their behalf.

It is rather very unfortunate that we hardly associate with this caliber of people Jesus requests us to feast with. Jesus wishes us to give them their importance, especially as they too, like you and I, are created in the image and likeness of God. May we pray that God should give us hearts that see in each human being, the image of God and treat them as such, for they did not choose to be the way they are. The fact that we are not like them, does not make us special or Superior. May God help us therefore to accept them. May we treat them the way we would expect others to treat us, if we were like them. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom




JOHN 6:37-40

Every 02nd November, the church remember all our departed brothers and sisters. The church prays for all those who have died and gone ahead of us. We pray for them because they need our prayers and that is all that we can offer them; that is why we say when someone dies that “RIP”. That is a prayer. In the gospel today, Jesus Christ tells us that He comes to do the will of His Father; and that the will of the Father is that He (Jesus) should not lose anyone that the Father gives Him but raise them up on the last day.

Dear brothers and sisters, as we join the whole world in praying for the death, we must bear in mind that one day all of us shall die. we have to think of our own day as well. Everyday we have to make amendments in view of our own last day, as if it were to be today and now.

Dear brethren, From the gospel passage today, Jesus tells us that the will of the Father is that “whoever sees the Son and believes in Him should have eternal lifeā€¦” When we Pray for the death, we are asking God to take them into Heaven. What could stop them from entering heaven? Surely, their sins. Will it not be a contradiction for us to be praying for the forgiveness of their sins while we too make no efforts to be righteous? Jesus says He will raise us on the last day if we believe in Him. That is the will of the Father. Can we turn to Him and ask Him to forgive us of our sins and make us completely His? May God be our helper. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom




MATTHEW 5:1-12a

Today, the church celebrates the feast of All Saints. Through this celebration, the church calls on us to strive as much as we can, to be saints. We may want to ask ourselves who a saint is. In the book of Psalms, we are told that he who shall climb the mountain of the Lord is the clean of hands and pour of heart, whose soul is not set on vain things. He shall receive blessings and reward from God who saves him. Such are the people who seek him; who seek the face of the God of Jacob.

Dear brothers and sisters, from the teachings of Jesus Christ today in the gospel passage, the road to sainthood is not smooth. We must encounter obstacles and only through those obstacles, if we endure, can we be saints; those persecuted for Christ’s sake; those poor in spirit; those who mourn; the meek; the hungry, those who thirst for righteousness; the merciful; the peacemakers; etc. All these seem uncomfortable and not ordinary and may not be welcome by anyone.

Dear brothers and sisters if you/I find ourselves in these situations, Jesus says we should rejoice for the kingdom of God is ours. Never should we give up. They are our ways to enter sainthood. May we pray that God should help us all to be saints. Amen

Baika Ernest Nshom